Featured Murder Mystery Box Boots, Chaps, & Cowboy Hats

Greetings Mystery Solvers,

Featured this time around is our previously released MurderMystery Box: Boots, Chaps, & Cowboy Hats. In this mystery we have Lars Gunderson as our storyteller. He, along with his girlfriend and six other friends, head out to a horse ranch for an overnight getaway. They have plans for a western-themed murder mystery dinner party. When murder turns out to be on the menu, they look to each other as suspects.

With wild weather and delayed authorities, can you help Lars find who is guilty of this crime? Using the journal he kept and the evidence and clues gathered along the way, it’s up to Lars and you to crack the case.

Boots, Chaps, & Cowboy Hats Murder Mystery Box is available on our One-Time Mystery Box page. Our one-time mysteries typically ship within two business days of placing your order. Mystery Awaits...