Featured Murder Mystery Box The Guilty Party

Greetings Mystery Solvers,

Today we are featuring a previously released mystery entitled The Guilty Party. The narrator of the journal contained within the box is Mia Hudson. Mia’s dear friend's wedding has taken her to Savannah for a small intimate ceremony of friends and family of the bride and groom.

When a member of the wedding party parishes, the quest to find the truth begins. Could it have been a tragic accident, or is a member of the wedding party the guilty party? Join Mia Hudson's investigation. Follow the journal of her notes on the case, examine the evidence collected, & solve the case.

Use the journal and evidence collected in the case to piece together whodunit. No internet is needed as everything to solve the mystery is in the box. Standalone mysteries like The Guilty Party are available for one-time purchase. No subscription necessary. Mystery awaits...