Death Dealer Murder Mystery Box


One-Time Murder Mystery Box: Death Dealer

Greetings Mystery Solvers,

Our featured previously released murder mystery is Death Dealer. Hayden Lockhart is the narrator of the Death dealer journal. In this mystery, we are taken to the small Californian town of Atwater, home to the famed Castle Air Force Base museum.

Hayden is reluctantly roped into traveling a few hours to Atwater to look into the disappearance of a family friend. Though, after arrival, it appears the situation is far more grave than expected. With an apparent death dealer taking aim at multiple victims, it’s up to Hayden and you to solve this whodunit.

Using the journal kept by Hayden and the evidence and clues collected, it's up to you to solve the mystery. You'll have an opportunity to determine who the primary suspect is before continuing to the solution. Death Dealer is just one of two dozen mysteries available as a one-time box.

Our one-time mysteries do not require a subscription. They are typically shipped within two business days of placing your order. Additionally, no internet or phone calls are needed, as everything to solve the mystery is in the box.

I have an unexpected visitor and must end this post. Until next time, mystery awaits…