Thriller Thursday

Mildred Montfort

Mildred Montfort saved the lives of many by apprehending a serial killer named Benny.

Thriller Thursday

The Family Beft

These folks were known as the family Beft.
They had many visitors, but none ever left.

Thriller Thursday

Lucky Charm

Fred & the gang at Cooper's Farm.
Only one survived due to a good luck charm.

Thriller Thursday

The Widow Sisters

They were known as the widow sisters.
Each lost seven misters.

Thriller Thursday

The Barnes Family

In this house the family had fun.
It wasn't long before they were on the run.

Thriller Thursday

Wedded Miss
In '42 hey were wed.
Nine days later both were dead.

Thriller Thursday

S.D. Mysery
murder mystery box
So proud they were to plow the land
little did they know
they were dead men

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Thriller Thursday

Nettle House
thriller thursday
This house is empty 
the people long gone 
this place is plagued by unusual phenomenon