Thriller Thursday

Isolated Cabin Found Abandoned
thriller thursday
This cabin was found on abandoned land 
the only clue left behind:
a wedding band

Thriller Thursday


murder mystery box
This ship disappeared on hazy
autumn day 
with no sign
nor signal
and nary a mayday

Desk of The Caretaker

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Thriller Thursday

Barry Clark

Murder Mystery Box

He built this house with his two hands 
two years later
he vanished in the wetlands

Thriller Thursday

Myrtle Waters  
Thriller Thursday Murder Mystery Box
She stands at the door in the early dawn 
though it's been 50 years since she's been gone

Thriller Thursday

Codder Bridge

Thriller Thursday
Many have vanished in these waters deep 
Gone without a trace
nary a peep

Thriller Thursday

Bell House
mystery subscription thriller thursday
Numerous secrets this house does hold, 
many of them shall go forever untold...

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Desk of The Caretaker

Murder Mystery Box
The Caretaker has a new note up on the website. Pop in and take a peek.

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As a reminder, only a small number are kept in stock. If we run out, know that we will restock, but it could take a couple weeks.

Masquerade Murder

Murder BoxMasquerade Murder is the latest box released by Murder Mystery Box.
Jack Pell is a fairly new resident to New Orleans. When he's invited to a masquerade party that ends in murder, he decides to do a little investigating. Using the journal that Jack kept and the clues he picked up along the way, can you solve the Masquerade Murder?
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Mystery awaits...