Gift a Murder Mystery Box

Looking for a gift for Mom this Mother's Day?

Mystery SubscriptionGive the gift of mystery. We offer Murder Mystery Boxes containing a journal, evidence, and clues to aid in solving a crime that has been committed. Each box is a self-contained mystery. Everything you need to solve the case is within the box and the solution to the case is revealed at the end of the journal.

There is still time to order her a one-time box from Murder Mystery Box. Our one-time boxes ship priority mail, which typically takes 2-3 postal days to deliver.

If you don't think it'll arrive on time, we have a handy PDF on our site that you can print out and add to her Mother's Day card to let her know it's on the way.

Alternatively, you can gift her with a subscription to our quarterly Murder Mystery Box. Stop by the site for details.

Mystery awaits...